Ethical Farmers Pasture Raised Chicken Meat vs Free Range Chicken Meat. What's the difference?

Chicken Pasture Raised


What makes our pasture raised chicken meat superior? It is the way we raise our birds. We allow them to live in a happy and healthy environment. We’ve broken down a few of the terms below to help you understand what they mean!

Pasture raised chicken mean that the chickens must benefit from the pasture and paddock that they are being kept on. Ethical Farmers pasture raised chickens are free to graze and forage on pastures, grubs, bugs, and microorganisms from healthy soil. Their mobile sheds are moved regularly so chickens always have access to fresh pasture. In short, pasture raised means healthier and happier chickens!

The term free range can be confusing. Farms that depict chickens in idyllic ‘free range’ settings can be misleading.  Conventional intensive free range flocks can be up to 50,000 birds, this creates a more stressful environment for the birds to live in. Free range can also mean that the birds have limited access to the outdoors and if birds are being medicated, or if it's raining, there is no requirement to let them outside. This means the meat from these birds is not the same quality as a pasture raised bird.

Our Ethical Farmers pasture raised chicken are:

  • Hormone and antibiotic free
  • Pasture raised
  • Supplemented with feed that is 100% natural grain, with no medications, GMO, soy, canola, or grain by-products.
  • Kept in small flocks of 300 birds for a stress free environment
  • Free to roam between their mobile sheds and pasture 24 hours a day
  • Better to eat! We raise healthy chickens so our meat tastes better.

Self feeders (see image below) are located in the paddock and contain natural grains with no GMO, soy, canola or grain by-products. This enables the chickens to feed according to their needs.  

Their shelter (see image below) comes in the form of a mobile sheds which we move regularly so they always have access to fresh pasture — an integral part of being able to claim chicken is pasture raised. 

You can see what our farm looks like and the life of our birds by checking out our Instagram or Facebook profiles. 

Shop pasture raised chicken at Ethical Farmers direct from our farm in Dungog, New South Wales.


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