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4 Quick & Healthy Mince Recipes

Beef Chicken Grass fed Mince Pasture Raised Recipe

1. LAMB KOFTAS WITH QUINOA These lamb and quinoa koftas are super simple, plate beautifully and work as a starter or main meal. This recipe calls for grass fed and finished lamb mince but we've also made a beef and mushroom and pork and sage version, and all combinations work. The quinoa makes these less dense than a meatball which works really well with rich and flavourful lamb. Ingredients 500g grass fed and finished lamb (1 pack) 1/2 cup of tri-colour quinoa (rinsed under water)1/2 cup firmly packed parsley, chopped1/2 cup firmly packed mint, chopped1 chilli, seeds removed (or not) and finely diced3 cloves garlic crushed or grated on microplaneZest of...

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Pasture Raised Chicken vs Free Range Chicken

Chicken Pasture Raised

What's the difference in pasture raised chicken vs free range?  Understanding the definition of words used to label chicken can be confusing, time consuming and expensive. The photos and images used in marketing can further muddy the waters—a few chickens pictured on lush green pasture is often very different to the high density flock reality permitted within free range guidelines.   Pasture raised chickens must be able to obtain a significant benefit from the pasture and paddock they are kept on. At our farm in Dungog NSW, our pasture raised chickens are free to graze and forage on pastures, grubs, bugs, and microorganisms from healthy soil. For shelter, pasture raised chickens have mobile sheds...

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This Week's Recipe: Chicken Liver Pate

Chicken Recipe

Not too long ago liver was a once-a-week dish in households. Making your own liver pate is a delicious way to reintroduce this traditional food back into our diets as well as solving the 'what to snack on' problem when you are next standing at the fridge door trying to crack the code on a healthy and satisfying bite to eat.  In many cultures organ meats are some of the most prized parts of an animal. Across the world livers, hearts, kidneys, brains and sweetbreads are revered rather than sent to waste. They are rich in antioxidants, fat-soluble vitamins A and D as well...

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