What is Pasture Raised Pork?

The Difference in Pasture Raised Pork

According to Pork Australia, around 90 per cent of Australian pigs are housed indoors, often referred to as factory farms, for each stage of their life. Our pasture raised free range pork is different.

Pasture raised pork describes pork that has come from pigs that are:

  • Raised outdoors and have unlimited access to fresh pasture.
  • Obtain a significant benefit from the pastures they are raised on, are able to root and forage, and express their natural pig instincts.
  • Receive supplementary feed and self regulate when and how much they eat.
  • Experience rotational grazing on pastures that have not been depleted below 40% ground cover (to dirt and dust).
  • Are part of a herd where the stocking density does not exceed the welfare standard 20-25 pigs per hectare.
  • The animals are provided with shade and shelter which they are free to access at any time.
  • No mating stalls or farrowing crates.

The Ethical Farmers sell pasture raised, free range pork from our friends at Melanda Park on the banks of the Hawkesbury River.

At any one time, Melanda Park will only have 160 sows on their farm which they divide into 8 groups of 15 depending on their developmental stage. Those 15 sows then share 2 hectares of pasture and a couple of Maremma sheepdogs for protection. These conditions far exceed the minimal welfare standard set out in the free range guidelines.

Not all free range farms are the same. To be sure of the life quality of the animal, look for clear information on the brand’s website to determine their definition of free range to ensure you are getting the meat quality you believe you are paying for.



Where to Buy Pasture Raised Pork

We stock Melanda Park pasture raised pork at our on farm butchery in Dungog, New South Wales. We offer free home to delivery providing you are in one of our delivery areas and reach our minimum spend amounts. 

If you are interested in adopting a nose-to-tail, whole animal approach to eating, our 1/4 pig shares are a great way to more consciously and sustainably consume pork meat. If we are out of stock, we will have shares in stock again soon. You can also email us at orders@ethicalfarmers.com.au to reserve a share. 


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