2 x 800g Dozen Eggs | Ethical Farmers
Ethical Farmers

2 x 800g Dozen Eggs | Ethical Farmers

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Save with 2 x 800g dozen eggs. Pasture raised eggs from our farm in Dungog, NSW. These eggs couldn't be fresher and will store well. 

  • Free range, pasture raised
  • Stocking density less than 300 birds per hectare (free range standard is 10,000)
  • Supplemented with a 100% natural grain feed, with no medications, GMO or soy
  • Enjoy small flocks for a low stress environment
  • Free to roam between their mobile sheds and pasture 24 hours a day
  • Enjoy natural light, with the rising and setting of the sun
  • Better quality and better tasting. 

 Note: Packaging reflects our previous egg branding.