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1/4 Pig Share

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Our pasture raised pork shares offer exceptional value. For around 10kg of pasture raised pork meat you will only pay around $20/kg plus you will also receive some pork bones for soups/stock. 

Investing in an animal share not only makes great financial sense, it also embraces a nose-to-tail approach to eating meat which is more sustainable than only buying one or two different cuts of the animal.

This is 1/4 of a pig.

Appoximate weights and cuts per pack. These may vary slighting from pack to pack:

Pork belly 1.2kg

Pork loin chops 1 kg

Pork shoulder roast 1.5kg

Pork cutlets 1.2kg

Pork scotch fillet steak 700g

Pork diced 1kg

Pork mince 1kg

pork crackling 500g

Pork leg roast 2kg

Pork bones 1kg