The Ethical Farmers was formed in March 2016 as the result of the amalgamation of Egganic pastured eggs and Grass Roots Urban Butchery GRUB. Egganic was founded by Jim & Jacqui Steele in 2008 and GRUB was founded by Dominic and Ali O’Neil in 2010.

Due to a similar passion and belief in real food our paths crossed and a working relationship was forged with Egganic supplying GRUB with amazing eggs produced ethically and naturally.

Over the years we had many conversations concerned about unethical farming practices and misleading labelling of food in Australia. We felt a change in the system was required and so we decided to join forces and form The Ethical Farmers . Our farms are located in Somersby and Mangrove Mountain one hour north of Sydney.

Our vision for the Ethical Farmers is to produce and supply real food grown the way nature intended. All lamb and beef is grass fed and finished selected from sound genetics and produced on some of the best pristine grazing land. The poultry, eggs and pork are pasture raised ensuring the animals have healthy and happy lives.

about the ethical farmers

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