Our Farmers


Ethical Farmers Beef is our homegrown Angus and Angus/Wagyu cross, bred and raised on our 'Spring Hills' farm in Dungog NSW.  Our district generally has a high rainfall and with the use of regenerative and sustainable principles makes it ideal to produce grass fed and finished beef.  We have, and continue to apply regenerative, organic and sustainable agricultural principles to sequest carbon, build our soil and produce the best pasture for animals to graze.

Our breeding cows come from some of the best Angus genetics available and have been selected for their suitability to grass fed and grass finished feeding and the ever changing landscape of Australia's climate conditions.

The high quality beef we produce is well marbled, has an even fat cover and is full of flavour, tender and nutritious.  All our beef is produced naturally, ethically, sustainably and without the need for grain, hormones or antibiotics and is GMO free.  We are very proud of our product and we know you will love it!


Cape Grim is located in Tasmania and have been supplying quality beef since 2007 under the Cape Grim Beef brand. Cape Grim Beef is 100% grass fed and finished, rewarding you with pure beef flavour. The Cape's abundant rainfall produces rich pastures and along with dedicated farmers, produce beef that is hormone, antibiotic and GMO free in a sustainable and ethical way. The result is a high quality, tender, well marbled beef that is graded to 4 and 5 star MSA tenderness. Cape Grim is a brand that we trust and use to supplement our own beef. 


Cooreel Angus Beef springs from the heart and hard work of The Ryans. Over the past five generations our family has grazed cattle on Dungog land. Our commitment is to regenerative agriculture and animal welfare, producing beef that is grass-fed, free of hormones and antibiotics, and gaining high MSA gradings. Great soil makes great cattle


As with our layer hens which provide us with our Egganic eggs we use the same ethical, sustainable and organic farming practices for our delicious meat birds. We raise our standard Cobb and Ross birds from day old chicks to around 70 days. We feed them a natural, GMO and medication free feed and graze them on fresh pasture where they forage for grubs and bugs. Their housing allows them to shelter from the elements and is moved daily.
The flavour and texture of Ethical Farmers chicken is unique - chickens that taste like real chicken. 


Will and Nick Malone are third generation lamb producers who own and operate grass fed and grass finished farms in the Wrattonbully and Naracoorte districts of South Australia. The south east region of South Australia is arguably regarded as the best prime lamb production area in Australia. The soil is an extension of the Coonawarra's renowned terra rossa, the red soil found on limestone. The consistent rainfall and abundance of underground water is ideal for a long growing season that allows the Malone's to produce exceptional quality grass fed lamb all year round. This is virtually impossible to do in most other districts, and in fact our own lamb production window is so short and as the quality of the Malone Lamb so high, we choose to exclusively stock it.

Malone Lamb is ethically and sustainably produced with animal welfare being paramount. Careful pasture management provides the right nutrition to produce 100% grass fed and finished lamb free from hormones, antibiotics and GMOs.  The consistent high quality, award winning full flavoured lamb is second to none. 


Third Generation Farmers Matt and Sue Simmons run pastured pigs on their property on the  banks of the Hawkesbury river which has been in the family for 100yrs. The modern commercial white pig is the pig of choice now with just a small amount of heritage bloodlines to produce a sow that does well in the paddock yet still produces a piglet that is well muscled and robust with just the right amount of fat.


Our Egganic eggs are produced on our farm in Dungog. Our Isa Brown hens are free to roam on pristine, and chemical free pasture with no more than 300 birds per hectare. We feed them a custom natural grain layer feed, free from GMO, soy and grain bi-products. They have unrestricted access to graze the paddocks and forage for grubs and bugs, as they are naturally inclined to do. At sundown the chooks make their own way into a mobile hen house at their leisure to roost for the night. The house is moved around the paddock on a regular basis to ensure it is on fresh pasture all the time. We do not believe in debeaking and none of our hens are debeaked. Some people within the egg industry will tell you that this leads to serious trouble amongst hens, with vicious fights. This is simply untrue. There’s a pecking order that hens stick to, and if they are raised and looked after in a natural, stress-free environment they will not fight with one another. 

Our mobile sheds, feeders and troughs are moved every two to three days depending on the weather to ensure that the chooks remain on fresh pasture. The self-feeders supply on demand a natural grain layer feed to complement the natural pastures and a mix of calcium grit, diatomaceous earth and apple cider vinegar is also supplied to assist in maintaining a high level of animal health. The sheds are designed to enable all the chooks to comfortably roost, gain easy unrestricted 24 hour access to the outside, maintain fresh airflow and provide shelter from the elements. 

While we have fenced our farm, we also protect our hens from foxes and other predators with Maremma guardian dogs. Used in Italy for centuries to protect livestock against predators, the dogs ensure that our flocks are safe at all times. We are proud of the environment we've created for our hens. We believe this is why our hens lay such fresh eggs with deep, rich yellow yolks and fantastic flavour.

Our eggs are collected by hand every morning, cleaned, graded by weight, packed and stored in a cool room before the morning ends for maximum freshness. While we are not certified organic, we raise our hens under our own strict standards that far exceeds most of the organic standards.  We receive a lot of customer feedback about the taste of Egganic eggs. This is for good reason - our eggs come from very happy hens!