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About Us

February 2024 Update

We are jumping out of our skin excited to announce that we now deliver to QLD, VIC, SA, ACT and much pretty all of NSW! 

Check our delivery page for the long list of regions we now deliver too and what days. PLUS regional delivery prices have dropped! Here are the headlines:

😊 Minimum spend is $100. 

😀 Metro (big city) delivery is $10. 

😆 Regional delivery is $15. 

😮 Free delivery for all orders over $500. Bulk shop and save! 

December 2023 Update

From 11 December, 2023 we will no longer offer individual items for sale. We've studied the data and built a range of boxes that contain a delicious mix of best selling items in the form of our small, medium and large Farm Favourites boxes. We've also created a Premium BBQ box and a Family BBQ box which contains a delicious mix of quick cooking proteins perfect for the barbecue or a hot pan.

We have more boxes coming online soon, including a new Carnivore Box starring our best selling beef offal mince, a Pasture Raised Pork Box and a Slow Cook Box with a delicious mix of nutrient dense slow cooking proteins. We invite your feedback (and ideas!) to as we refine and develop future boxes.

This year has been very challenging for us—the new boxes are a direct response to how labour intensive packing individual boxes has become for our small family farm and the fact that we are a real life farm as well as a whole animal butchery committed to honouring whole animals and not buying in parts of animals. We will never have enough steak but we have plenty of 100% grass fed beef and the box model helps us manage that.

Recent drought has also meant we have moved some of our beef cattle off our farm to the pastures of a like-minded farm to help us preserve the integrity of our soil and pasture and stick to our regenerative principals.

The rising temperatures predicted for this summer also mean we have decided not to grow pasture raised chickens in the peak summer months—this is for the welfare of the birds who we believe, even with their shed sprinklers, will find this summer too hot. We raise animals in low stress herds and flocks and are committed to staying true to our 'one bad day' promise to the animals we raise. 

Each of these challenges has led us to the decision to commit to the box model of selling our meat. One of our core values is sustainability—not just in the way we farm but also in our business operations. We need to be a profitable business if we want to feed our community tomorrow and we invite you to join us in this next iteration of our farm and butchery shop. We have plenty of chicken and beef in stock which you can access though our boxes. 

During times like these we are reminded of this quote from farmer Brenda Shoep, "My grandfather used to say that once in your lifetime you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher but every day, three times a day, you need a farmer". We hope we continue to be yours in 2024. 

How we started

Ethical Farmers began in 2016 with an intention to change how people shop for, think about and consume meat. 

Farmer-owner Dominic O'Neil (ex GRUB butchery in Sydney) is passionate about raising animals ethically, on pasture, in small low stress herds and flocks. In our minds, there should only be one bad day in the lives of the animals we care for and our team works towards that every single day. 

We produce real food grown the way nature intended. Through regenerative and sustainable agricultural practices, we seek to nourish and heal human health and the land we are stewards of. 

Our farm is located in the Dungog Shire 210km North of Sydney. Our beef and lamb is 100% grass fed and our chickens are pasture raised.  We also sell pasture raised pork from Melanda Park on the Hawkesbury as we do not raise these animals ourselves. 

In 2020 Dom and his four kids moved to the farm full time from Sydney and haven't looked back since.

We hope you enjoy our produce as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to your table. Feel free to reach out and ask questions. We are committed to offering transparency in all our operations to ensure consumers can make informed choices around the food system their money supports. 

To speak to the team email

Yours in health, 

The Ethical Farming Family

Ethical Farmer Dominic O'Neil at his farm in Dungog NSW.

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We deliver to NSW, ACT QLD, VIC & SA.

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