Our Story

Ethical Farmers was created in 2016 with an intention to change how people shop for, think about and consume meat. 

Farmer-owner Dominic O'Neil (ex GRUB butchery in Sydney) is passionate about raising animals ethically, on pasture, in small herds and flocks. In our minds, there should only be one bad day in the lives of the animals we care for. 

The vision for Ethical Farmers is to produce real food grown the way nature intended, limiting our impact on the environment and regenerating our land using sustainable, organic and regenerative farming practices, we are not a certified organic farm.

Our farm is located in the Dungog Shire 210km North of Sydney. Our beef is grass fed and finished on some of the best grazing land. The chickens we raise for meat and the chickens we raise for eggs are pasture raised in paddocks with mobile chicken sheds guarded by Maremma dogs, with less than 300 hens per hectare. We will sometimes also buy cattle from our neighbours The Ryans who raise their beef cattle in much the same way and Cape Grim down in Tassie to ensure we have enough stock on hand for our customers. We also sell grass fed and finished Malone lamb and Melanda Park pork as we do not raise these animals ourselves. All the farms we work with are farms that follow the same approach to raising animals. 

In 2020 Dom and his four kids moved to the farm full time from Sydney and also took over complete operation of the business with the departure of business partner & co-founder Jim Steele (ex-Egganic eggs).  

We hope you enjoy our produce as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to your table!  Feel free to reach out and ask questions. We are committed to offering transparency in all our operations to ensure consumers can make informed choices around the food system their money supports. 

To speak to the team email orders@ethicalfarmers.com.au.

Yours in health, 

The Ethical Farming Family

Ethical Farmer Dominic O'Neil at his farm in Dungog NSW.