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Do you use certified organic feed?

After nearly 12 years of using certified organic feed for our chickens (are cows and lambs are grass fed) we made the hard decision in early 2019 to phase out the organic feed and replace it with a 100% natural feed. This was brought on by drought conditions that effected the supply of certified organic feed to a point that it became uneconomical to use. At that time the organic industry allowed for up to 25% non organic inputs without effecting organic certification. Organic feed can also contain grain by-products and oils, some of which would not be part of a natural diet for poultry. This lead us to develop a 100% natural feed, that we have custom made. We don't use any GM grain, soy, corn, canola or grain by products.  

Is your beef and lamb 100% grass fed & grass finished?

All our beef and lamb is 100% grass fed and finished. Pork and chicken require grain in their diet and have access to self feeders in their paddocks. 


What do you raise on the Ethical Farmers farm in Dungog?
All of our 100% grass fed beef cattle, 100% grass fed lamb cattle and pasture raised chicken and pasture raised eggs come from our own farm. 

What do you get from other farms and how well do you know the farmers?
We partner with Melanda Park pork, they meet the Ethical Famers strict standards of animal welfare which produces the highest quality meat. Read more about the pasture raised pork we sell.

Can you buy bulk or whole animals?
Yes. Ethical Farmers animal shares are about embracing a nose to tail way of eating that sees zero waste and the entire animal celebrated. You don't need to worry about finding another person to share with—we've done that for you. If you have special orders for whole animals, or larger shares, please contact us at

Will you deliver outside your delivery area for an additional fee?
We would love to deliver to everyone but the cost of delivery is prohibitive for our small business.

What seasoning do you use in your burgers and sausages?
We only ever use organic herbs and spices and sea salt. We never use
artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives and only use natural casings. Our sausages are made from the same beef, pork and lamb we sell in our whole meat products.

Why do you freeze meat?
Our beef, pork, lamb and chicken arrive direct from the abattoir and are all cut, packed and snap frozen fresh at -18 degrees in our large purpose built freezer. We do this to avoid the need for preservatives (especially in things like sausages, burger patties & broths) and to protect the quality, integrity and flavour of the meat. Freezing stops degradation of the meat as opposed to fresh items that can sit around until a best before date slowly degrading in quality. We offer a money back guarantee on any meat that you are unhappy with.

What's the best way to defrost meat?
The best way if you have time is to defrost the meat in the fridge.
If you don’t have time to do that you can do it in a clean sink or large bowl by submersing the meat still in the packaging in cold water. Large pieces will take longer than sausages so it's important to keep an eye on these as you want to
make sure the meat stays cold. Never defrost your meat in hot or warm water or in a microwave as this can dry the meat when cooking. 

How is the meat packaged for delivery?
The meat is vacuum sealed and frozen then packaged in an insulated box ensuring your delivery remains completely frozen under most conditions.

Is the packaging recyclable, reusable, and environmentally friendly?
We are finalising our move to recyclable or composting bags to replace our current bags. Our silver delivery boxes look space age, but can actually be recycled in your household recycle bin!

Do I need to be at home to collect my order?
No, but we do request that you leave clear instructions as to where we can safely leave your order. If it's not clear as to where we can leave your order the driver will attempt to contact you to make an alternative arrangement otherwise the order will be delivered the following week. For delivery we recommend a shady, cool area away from direct sunlight or hot pavements. Your order will stay frozen for many hours. We will advise you by SMS that your delivery has been made. 

How can I change my delivery date?
Please contact us at for any changes to deliveries.

Do you cater for gluten intolerance and coeliacs?
Yes all our meat products are gluten free and coeliac friendly. We only use rice flour on the premises.

More questions?
We pride ourselves on running a transparent business, so if you have further
questions please feel free to email us at

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