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Chicken Broth Box

Ethical Farmers

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Our new pasture raised chicken broth box is the perfect box for nutrient dense wobbly chicken broth and soup. Each box contains:

1 x broth bird 

2 x 1kg chicken frames packs

1 x 500g chicken feet pack

1 x 500g chicken neck pack 

You could use the broth bird on its own as the base of a nurturing chicken soup and add a couple of feet or necks from the frozen packs to up the anti. 

Each pack of chicken frames will contain 2-3 good sized frames which we recommend you cook one pack per batch of broth with a few feet and necks as a wobbly collagen booster. If you have a pot big enough (and the freezer space to store your broth) you could double up, cooking all the frames, necks and feet in one extra large batch. 


Things to note

  • Items cannot be swapped out of boxes but you can add additional items to your order to build your perfect box. No exceptions to this are possible. 
  • We may adjust these boxes over the course of the season to help manage inventory excess or shortage. We will update the product description to reflect any changes so always check items included before you purchase as the boxes may have changed from you last order.
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We couldn't be more excited to announce the Ethical Farmers now deliver to QLD, VIC, SA and have expanded to include most regions of NSW and ACT!

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