1/2 Lamb Share - Two serve packs
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1/2 Lamb Share - Two serve packs

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Our half lamb share, cut and packed in two piece packs, perfect for couples & singles who want to enjoy the savings and quality of our lamb share but don't want to eat lamb chops for a week!

Our half lamb shares offer exceptional value. For 10-12kg of grass fed and finished lamb you will pay approx 30/kg.  

Investing in a lamb share not only makes great financial sense, it also embraces a nose-to-tail approach to eating meat which is more sustainable than only buying one or two different cuts of the animal. 

Please send us an email at orders@ethicalfarmers.com.au if you have any questions or if you would like to reserve a share if we are out of stock. 


Loin chops

Chump chops

Neck chops


Leg roast

Shoulder roast

Forequarter rack 


Lamb fat (to render for cooking)

Lamb bones