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How to Eat Nose to Tail

How to Eat Nose to Tail

Your Guide to Eating Nose to Tail

Nose-to-tail eating is an approach to consuming meat that sees us enjoy as much of the animal as possible—organ meats, fat, unpopular and uncommon cuts. It is how we used to eat before we had the option of buying the same cut of meat, from the same supermarket, on the same day each week, every week. For a while there, few of us stopped to think about the fact that farmers raise whole animals, not pork chops—convenience took over common sense, thankfully that is changing.

So what are the reasons to eat nose-to-tail?

  1. Nose to tail celebrates everything the animal gave up in order to provide us with food and the resources that went into its production. It helps reduce waste, shows respect for the animal and the farmer. It’s a more sustainable and ethical way of farming, shopping and consuming.
  2. Eating the same cut of meat each week narrows our enjoyment of food. So many delicious things can be made from less popular cuts of meat. Eating the same few cuts stifles our creativity in the kitchen and keeps our experience of food small. If you need inspiration, look to traditional recipes from cultures across the globe that utilise cheaper cuts and organ meats.
  3. It will save you money. You don’t need to live off pasta to eat economically. You can cut the cost of your grocery shop while still enjoying good quality meat. Sarah Wilson (I Quit Sugar) says she can stretch a whole chook across 15 meals! We can think of three (roast, leftovers salad, chicken broth) and are sure there are more.
  4. Another way to save money while eating nose-to-tail is to buy a share of an animal, we offer 1/8 cow shares, 1/2 lamb and 1/4 pig shares for anyone interested in saving money and embracing a nose-to-tail diet. Animals shares have the popular cuts of meat like steak, as well as less popular cuts like bones or ribs. The farmer is not left scratching his head trying to work our what to do with the excess of one cut, while being completely sold out of another.
  5. Buying organ meats are also a great way to save money as well as introduce flavour and nutrition from meat into your diet. While nutrient value varies depending on what part of the animal and what quality animal you are eating, it is a known fact that organ meat delivers a diverse set of nutrients not available in more common cuts of meat.

Tips on shopping nose-to-tail

  • Only buy grass fed & finished beef and lamb or pasture raised pork and chicken to ensure the animal was in tip top shape. You are eating what it ate after all.
  • Buy from the farmer to help farming families in regional Australia.
  • Save money, buy a share in an animal. A 1/4 pig will fit in a standard freezer, a 1/2 lamb or 1/8 cow will need more room. Invest in a chest freezer you can keep in your garage. You can pick up a new freezer from as little as $250.
  • Experiment. Start with chicken livers and make a pate. Make your own bone broth or stock with bones. Smuggle in some organ meat like liver or heart in with mince meat by chopping finely or using a food processor them combining and cooking together. 
  • Cook with animal fat. Buy unprocessed fat that you can render yourself or buy already rendered animal fat in a jar. Your food will taste better for it.

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